Helping federal employees navigate their FERS/CSRS benefits.

An educational approach to planning your federal retirement.

As a federal employee, your FERS/CSRS retirement benefits are among the best in the nation. The challenge is making sense of all your options and navigating the complex exceptions, provisions, and exclusions in your FERS and CSRS plans. We provide federal workers with the educational information they need to understand their benefits and plan a financially secure retirement.

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Do You Have the Green Light to Retire?
How to Take Control of Your Finances for Your Future

You need a plan to help address questions like:

  • How will you generate income?

  • What can you do to mitigate future tax bills?

  • How can you keep the standard of living you want in retirement?

Author Tim Fitzwilliams brings his industry experience to bear on what it takes to give yourself the permission to retire, to “green light” your own future.